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Gynecology is a key section in Beijing Oriental Comprehensive Hospital. Hospital director Liu Yanling was apprenticed with Professor Xia Enlan, the leader of Chinese hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgery. Besides our own doctors, we invites eminent experts from Peking Union Medical College Hospital to multi-site in our hospital. We stress on improving medical service by experts as well as building the project of hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgeruy, family planning. After joined the PAC project approved by China Women's Development Foundation, we hospital opened 24 hours reservation for ectopic pregnancy, ensured a high quality for surgery and provided a solid guarantee for patients.
scope of treatment: minimally invasive surgery, hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgeruy, family planning, gynecological inflammation, cervical?diseases, uterine diseases, menstrual disorders, female infertility.
We take professional hospital as our development objective, invite multi-sited licensed experts regular in the clinic. Professor Zang Mei fu, who enjoying the government special subsidy, Song Zonglu from Peking Union Medical College Hospital and Zong Yixin from Beijing public security Hospital. Besdies that, we specially invite Professor Sun Yucheng from Xuanwe Hospital Capital Medical University to make a fixed time consultation and support our urological microsurgery.
In recent years, our doctors was periodically dispatched to various national academic summits. We also invited Professor Yuan Yiming and Zhang Zhichao from Peking University Hospital department of Urology, Professor Bai Wenjun from Peking University People's Hospital, Professor Cao Xingwu from China-Japan friendship hospital with a specialty in sloughing?type spermatogenic?disorder cytology?field, Professor and Head of the urinary surgical department Sun Yucheng from Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical Univerisity and Peking University Hospital department of Urology , associate senior Tian Denghan from Peking Union Hospital department of urology and experts from Beijing Fu Xing hospital for guidance and consultation. Well therapeutic effects made our patients satisfied.
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