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Technical superiority: urology and gynecology are key establishment sections of Beijing Oriental Comprehensive Hospital. We adopted hysteroscopy instead of abdominal laparotomy to operate pelvic?adhesive mass, ectopic pregnancy, ovarian rupture and so on. hysteroscopy gives less surgical invasion and quicker recovery to patients?than?abdominal laparotomy.
Hysteroscopy is a major technique used in gynecology of Beijing Oriental Comprehensive Hospital. Besides introduction of advanced medical technologies, the hospital has sent doctors to receive a in-service training in Beijing Fu Xing Hospital and apprenticed to Professor Xia En Lan, the founder of Hysteroscology in China. At the same time, for tough and thorny illness, the hospital often invites specialists from Beijing Fu Xing Hospital to give support and get a surgical consultation.
Laboratory Services: Laboratory is our characteristic discipline. We further expanded the range of tests and signed strategic?cooperation agreement with Guangzhou KingMed Diagnostics, Adicon Clinical Laboratories, Beijing Lawke Health Laboratory Center in addition to a purpose of accuracy to patients. NIPT and down's syndrome screening is printed while waiting. In 2017, the hospital joined hands with medretreat overseas medication and started habitud abortion gene detection and CIN gene detection.
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hospital Address:No. 55 west Huaweinanlu, chaoyang district, Beijing(opposite Pan Jiayuan mansion) hospital Hotline:010-87792236(gynecology)กข010-87789599(Urology)
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