Beijing Oriental Comprehensive Hospital is the appointed?hospital?of?medical insurance, the hospital of safe and?secure. Built in 2004, we successively established Party Branch, Youth League Branch and union organization. Hospital?course?setting?is complete, including gynecology, urology, general surgery, traditional Chinese medicine, dentistry, internal medicine, laboratory, etc. Among them, urology and gynecology are key sections. At present, the hospital is developed as a contemporary comprehensive hospital of great influence.

With superior?geographical?position, exquisite environment?and strong technical strength, the hospital followed people and service oriented?value, sincerely implemented the?running?aim of inviting eminent doctors along with a benevolent heart, took professional hospital as our development purpose. Through training academic leaders, now we have several Senior Doctor, Associate Senior Doctor , specialist doctors with rich experience, supervising technician, supervisor nurse, multi-sited?licensed doctors including Professor Sun Aida, Professor He Cuihua and Professor Gu Chunxia from Peking Union hospital department of gynecology; Professor Zhang Xuelian from Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital; Professor Zang Meifu, from Peking Union hospital department of urology; Professor Song Zonglu from Beijing public security Hospital. At the same time, we often hold surgical consultation with specilist doctor?from Beijing Chaoyang District Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, Beijing Fu Xing Hospital.

Not only an appointed?hospital?of?medical insurance, the hospital also awarded mother and child health service unit, population and birth control work demonstration?Enterprise in Pan Jiayuan area, spiritual civilization construction advanced unit, harmonious society advanced party organization, excellent service party organization, advanced social?unit party organization, etc. In 2013, our hospital passed the national evacuation "PAC Project" held by China women's development foundation . After that, we donated 5 million yuan to set up the Fund of Beijing jinghua commonweal foundation Dong Fang boda commonweal foundation to help poor women and elder residents in community. This measure left a favorable impression on the inhabitant and won their praise.

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